A Mega Store Who Doesn’t Charge a Penny for Anything From a Martyrs Family

Patanjali Mega Mall Dadar
Patanjali Mega Mall Dadar

Mumbai- with a Moto of Nation First and as a response to the Hon Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to Indian citizens to show more respect towards d soldiers and army personnel, DevVedenterprises Patanjali Mega Mall at Dadar and its owner Vaishali Bhamare has taken this decision.


Besides this if a soldier comes to the store in uniform he will be given 25% off discount on all shoppings and services and if a soldier visits d store without uniform he will be given a discount of 10 % ( goods and services will be provided on no loss no profit basis ) but for that they will also need to produce their I-Cards at d store. Besides this, the store won’t charge a single penny for anything at their shop from the family of a martyr.


This is the first of its kind gesture extended by this store in the entire nation after the prime minister Narendra Modi’s appeal and is being highly appreciated by one and all.

Patanjali Mega Mall
Patanjali Mega Mall

To help this message to reach up to maximum soldiers share it to maximum and send it to all your contacts.

You can contact us at:
Patanjali Mega Mall
Sunshine Plaza.
Near Dadar station
Dadar East

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