21 Things you don’t know about Pune


21 things you don’t know about Pune

1) Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra and 7th in India.

2) Pune is 1,837 feet higher than Mumbai

3) Pune was the political center of India in the 18th century.

Pune university
Pune university

4) Pune is Known as Oxford of the East because of having best institutions.

5) The proper people of Pune called by Punekars or Puneri

Ganesh-Chaturthi Pune
Ganesh-Chaturthi Pune

6) Pune is called the cultural capital of Maharashtra

7) Pune has the higher Hidhu rate in the city having 80% of Hindu.

8) Pune is the safest city for women due to lower rape rate in India

9) Pune spelled as Poona by locals

10) Pune is 9% cheaper than Banglore.

11) Pune’s skate park is the first skate park in India

12) The Badminton game was developed in Pune and the game’s earlier name was Poona.

13) In 2017 ‘Mercer Quality of Living Rankings’ Pune ranked at 145 among 440 cities around the world, second in India after Hyderabad at 144

14) the name of the Pune was changed to”Muhiyabad” 1703 to 1705 later changed by Marathas.

15) Pune records the highest number of two wheelers in the world.

16) Pune has the highest number of pubs in Asia.

17) Pune also has the highest number of cigarette smokers in India.

18) Pune has the highest number of software companies in India it’s 212, more than Bangalore – 208 and Hyderabad – 97.

19) Pune is also known as the fashion capital of east.

20) Pune is famous for three things. software professions girls and dogs.


21.Pune is best known for its beautiful weather and greenery