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Ethics Policy

Below is a statement of the ethics and coverage policies of Being Maharashtrian (BM). It is more than most of you want to know, but, in the age of suspicion of the media, we are laying it all out for you.

This code is designed to provide all BM employees with guidelines for appropriate professional conduct. It supersedes previous conduct guidelines but also incorporates other long-standing TNF policies. It is intended not as a statement of new beliefs or a codification of new rules of conduct, but as a reaffirmation of enduring values and practices.

Ethics Overview

The central premise of this code is BM’s reputation for quality products and services, business integrity, and the independence and integrity of our publication, services and products are the heart and soul of our operations.

It is an essential prerequisite for success in the news business that the public believes us to be telling them the truth. Our readers must be able to assume:

  • Our facts are accurate and fairly presented;
  • Our analyses represent our best independent judgments rather than our preferences, or those of our sources, advertisers, marketers, public affairs and relations professionals, or any information provider;
  • Our opinions represent our own editorial philosophies as well as presenting views that readers may not find elsewhere; and
  • There are no hidden agendas in any of our journalistic undertakings.